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Company Philosophy
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Staffs are in the foreground 
K-Light regards its staffs as the most important asset of the company. Their outstanding traits are their high level of qualification and creativity, exceptional motivation and willingness to go for extra mile. In short, they are our competitive edge in the global market. 
Teamwork plays an essential role here. By treating each employee fairly, providing continuous training, and promoting quality and environmental consciousness, we raise employee motivation and satisfaction.

Workplace safety and staffs health
Protecting the health and safety of our staffs is the special responsibility of our management. We have implemented many preventive programs, and these are embedded in the work activities in which we engage each day. For example, our safety programs cover:
 Workplace safety
 Machine safety;
 Electrical safety;
 Hazardous processes; 
 Warehouse safety;
 Fall prevention;
 Office safety.
These programs are effective, but we never stop looking for additional ways to improve.

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