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LED High Bay Light
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E Series 100W-300W


Product pictures:

Without reflector

300W style

3D heat dissipation: 

The zipped fins are made of aluminum 1070, and the heat of LEDs can be quickly transfered to the massive fins.  It achieves the effect of maximum cooling area at minimum weight.

Scale style reflector:
It minimizes the glare light effect, and optimize the light performance.

Why not choose COB as light source of LED high bay light?



Q1: What is the Warranty for K-Light LED high bay light?
A1: We provide 5 years warranty for 24hours lighting everyday!
Q2: What if the light failed during the warranty time?

A2: If the lumen of LED light decrease to 69%, or damaged during the warranty, we would provide new light for free to
replace the failed one and cover the delivery charge.
Q3: What is the failed rate during the warranty time?

A3: According to our statistics, the failed rate is at 0.3% during our warranty time.

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