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K-Light LED Module
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K-Light LED module uses patented technology. Its lumen decay is less than 1% after 1000 hours' lighting. 
What is K-Light LED module?
Several LED die (LED chips) are bonded directly onto an aluminium base, and then cover with silicon gel. This is K-Light LED module. 
Better Heat Radiating
As we know, lifespan of LED mostly depends on heat radiating of LED die, K-Light fixes LED die directly on the aluminum base, so the heat build-up from the LED die is dissipated into external heat sink smoothly. Thus it increases the overall life expectancy.
The diagram below depicts how LED die is bonded onto the aluminum based PCB boards: 

No Glare hazard
K-Light LED module gives off light by uniform flat panel, so its light is soft and comfortable.

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